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Japans "K" Computer is the Fastest Now

In the rankings of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, a Japanese machine has earned the top spot with a performance that essentially laps the competition. Read more...

Antimatter Atoms Trapped for First Time—"A Big Deal"

For the first time, scientists have trapped antimatter atoms—natural mirror versions of ordinary atoms—a new study says. Read More...

Adobe Goes After Apple In New Ad Campain

Depending on the sites that you frequent today or the newspapers you read, you might see a few ads from Adobe professing their love of Apple and Choice. The ongoing feud between Adobe and Apple over Flash vs HTML5 will go on for some time, but Adobe is making it clear that Apple and Steve Jobs have made a mistake in shutting them out altogether. Read more....

Facebook IDs Hacker Who Tried To Cell 1.5 Million Accounts

Facebook has identified the hacker named Kirllos who tried to sell 1.5 million Facebook accounts recently in underground hacking forums. According to the investigators at the social networking site, he's guilty of both hacking and hyperbole. Read more....





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